A Trip to Norway Led to the Opening of This Dance School

This dance school has been around for the last seven years and we have become one of the most popular dance clubs in the Midlands. I have always been a huge fan of dancing, but it was a trip to Norway in 2010 that convinced me to open up a dance school when I got home.

I Was Inspired by Miguel Carrazana

Miguel Carazana is a Cuban that grew up in the city of Cienfuegos. Dancing is something that has always been a huge part of his life. He started learning salsa when he was young and his passion for dancing just grew and grew.

He got so good that he joined Wilfredo Figueredo’s Company, which is a dance company that is well known in Cuba. They specialize in afro cabaret, which is mixture of dance styles like jazz, salsa, afro, ballet, hip hop, and modern. He was there for seven years and was the main dancer for four of them.

In 2013, he moved to Norway where he became a choreographer and a dance instructor. He also joined the Tabanka Crew, which is the biggest Caribbean and African dance company in Scandinavia.

My Dance Lesson with Miguel Carrazana

I did a PGCE in Dance Teaching at the Royal Academy of Dance in London, but when I finished the course, I was not too sure as to whether being a dance teacher was something that I really wanted to do. I decided to treat myself to a trip to Norway before making a decision as to whether I wanted to become a dance teacher.

I decided to go to Stavanger, which is the fourth largest city in the country. I was enjoying myself and enjoying all of the sights that this wonderful city has to offer when I came across a billboard that was advertising dance lessons with none other than Miguel Carrazana.

I had heard of him during my Dance Teaching course, so jumped at the opportunity to have a lesson with him. I called the number and booked myself in for a lesson the following day.

The next day rolled around and I was actually a bit apprehensive about meeting such a talented dancer. However, the lesson was great, and he made me feel super relaxed. After we were finished, we spoke for a bit and I explained how I had studied at the Royal Academy of Dance and that I was now a qualified dance teacher, but I was not sure whether I would make a good teacher or not.

He told me that in terms of talent, I was one of the most graceful dancers that he has seen and that he had no doubt that I would make a good dance teacher. We spoke for a good hour and by the time that I left I was adamant that I would open up my own dance school when I got back. And that is what I did!

I have kept in touch with Miguel and have told him that if he ever decides to move to England, I will always have a spot available for him to teach at my dance school. After all, if it were not for him then there is a good chance that this school would not even exist.