Success Stories

Real Life Dance Stories

Participants in dance activities tell us (in their own style) about what they do, how they feel about dance and how they fit it into their busy schedules!


It is Wednesday the day that my children Freyja and Eoghan go along to ‘Baggy Pants’ and they have a really fun time.

Baggy Pants is not necessarily dance in the tap, ballet sense it is much more. Kayla, the leader, encourages the children and parents to move and shape their bodies in interesting and imaginative ways. The children lead with their ideas and Kayla encourages them. One week they were using their bodies as computers, as if they were players in action games, which was great fun. The other week we were playing invisible football which was very energetic and exciting and a more fun way to play a game!

Kayla gets the children to use their bodies in many different ways, encouraging them to express themselves in shape and movement, and sometimes use props, (feathers, balls, stretchy material) which all adds to the fun. It is great exercise, it helps to burn up excess energy and most of all its fun, fun, fun!

Freyja says its really good we run about and jump – you get to do what you want, use our own ideas its fun and very energetic.

Eoghen says its great, I like it its really good, I like rolling over Kayla and thats all!

The Steenman-Clark Family