A670-96ssault Events toured Lincolnshire in 2000 with Crave, a new dance piece specially created for and in Lincolnshire. Crave was originally commissioned for Lincolnshire Dance and North Kesteven District Council, with support from the Lincolnshire Rural and Community Touring Scheme and Stamford Arts Centre. Following an extremely successful tour of Lincolnshire where audiences were delighted by our down-to-earth approach to music and dance performance, Crave completed a tour of Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset, Nottinghamshire and Birmingham in Autumn 2001.

Crave was an exciting music and dance show which mixed the essence of cabaret with exciting dance theatre, blending dance, live music, design and storytelling in an all too familiar tale of the troubles of love and romance on Valentines Day. A theatrical dance event suitable for all ages, Crave drew together many dance and music styles that have pervaded the dance floor in the 20th and early 21st centuries. Ballroom and disco met breakbeat and Sinatra in a cleverly designed boxing ring complete with disco lights and glitter balls – an unlikely mix combined to unravel the story of one Valentines night and the three people who shared it.

What the papers said about Crave…

“Superbly presented… this is dance at its best”

“Assault are a dance company that grow in stature with every performance”

The West Briton, November 2001

“Fun and fantastic… this is dance that doesn’t treat you like you’re stupid”

“Assault Event Company is well known for its enormously accessible and very cool brand of dance theatre, enjoyed as much by older members as younger ones”

“A stunning show”

The Cornish Guardian, November 2001

What the audience said about Crave…

“…an event of total entertainment guaranteed to convert the most sceptical”
Kurt Barker, first time dance attendee

“Excellent… the use of live singing, the way the dancers moved together, particularly the blokes.”
Audience member