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There are an increasing number of opportunities in Lincolnshire to either see dance or take part in practical classes. Whether you want to attend a class in Egyptian dance, Salsa or Sequence Dancing, browse our range of dance classes and groups by geographic location.

If you would prefer to watch others dance, explore the range of performances. We hope that you find something of interest. If not, why not recommend a class near you which you feel will be of interest to others, or challenge us to help find the class which suits you!

A career in dance can include many things such as performing, teaching, producing and writing. Many dancers undertake several different roles at any one point of their careers, and over a number of years can move between employed situations and self-employed status.

The training opportunities which are, at present, offered by lincolnshire dance focus on developing teaching and facilitation skills, as these are the areas which offer the most opportunities for employment within Lincolnshire.

Support is offered to dancers by lincolnshire dance in many guises, including information sheets, an e-mail reply system, networking groups, courses and the opportunity to gain NVQ qualifications.

If you have a dance story to tell don’t be shy, send us the details and it may appear on this site!

Classes we recommend

The classes below have all been recommended to lincolnshire dance by enthusiastic participants. If you attend a class which is not included on the list below and want to let others know about it – please let us know .

Still can’t find a class? – send us the details and we will try to help.











Did You Know That the First Ever UK Drone Racing Competition Took Place in Lincolnshire?

Drones appear to be spindly contraptions with tiny propellers but they are incredibly resilient machines. This is often times evident when they are slammed against the floor, the ceiling, and any other hard surface by an inexperienced operator, and still remain intact. This toughness has led to the emergence of a budding sport that first took the United States by storm and is now gathering excitement in the UK; drone racing.

Drone racing is attracting billionaire investors and enthusiasts from all over the world. And fittingly, the city of Lincolnshire had the honor of hosting the first ever UK drone racing event in August 2015 where camera drones which can travel at 80mph were put to the test. Recent advancements in technology have supported the emergence of drone racing at the consumer side of the market. The sport has also flourished for this reason. According to Thomas Greer, the secretary and founder of the FPV Racing Association in Britain; “In the last year, the software and components have become more accessible and more affordable, so you don’t necessarily have to be a computer programmer to get a drone, unlike three years ago when you did.”

Conceptualized by Greer after he launched the FPV League, more than 30 racers assembled at a Lincolnshire airfield for the inaugural event of the UK Drone Nationals. The racers competed in fours, with the race itself taking place in several rounds on a course designed in such a way that it looked like a mini version of the Red Bull Air Race. The top three flyers at the event qualified for the first ever World Drone Racing Championships which took place in Hawaii in October 2015.

Drone racing is already big business in the US with the notable involvement of a billionaire Stephen Ross who created the US Drone Racing league with an initial investment of over one million dollars. Ross’s primary goal is to increase the remarkable potential inherent in the sport, and he hopes to do this by encouraging the enhancement of drones for sale with two cameras.

“I believe we are going down the Formula 1 route,” says Greer, whose association is now affiliated with numerous clubs across the UK. “We can be likened to a participation sport now, and our ultimate goal is for it to be more available to viewers across the world so that the sport can grow more easily. We attend country shows and model shows, and also organize taster events where people can have a go, and they absolutely love it.”